Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Local Wedding Planner Pulls Off In-Flight Wedding

Q Avenue Photography

“I have never done a wedding anything like this one!” says wedding planner Maggie Heely, who made international headlines after coordinating an in-flight wedding for a local couple. “We typically do traditional weddings in traditional wedding venues in and around Louisville and Lexington. We’ve coordinated weddings in an airline hanger before, but certainly never in an airplane, in the air!”

“I think the biggest challenge was the logistics between all the different venues. Traditional weddings have a ceremony site and a reception site. This wedding had a gathering at a hotel, followed by a party at the Gate in the Nashville airport, followed by the in-flight wedding, followed by a dinner in the Dallas airport, another flight back to Nashville, and a full wedding reception at the Embassy Suites Nashville Airport. All in the same day!”

Q Avenue Photography

Maggie is the owner of Weekend Wedding Warrior and Event Warriors and works in both the Louisville and Lexington area. Maggie’s clients, Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart of Corydon, IN, were married earlier this month on a Southwest Airlines’ inaugural direct flight between Nashville and Dallas LOVE Field. How appropriate!

“I worked with many people (with Southwest Airlines and the media) who had never been a part of a wedding before, so I became the planner and adviser throughout the process. The biggest literal obstacle to the in-flight wedding was the music. The bride and groom had their hearts set on dancing up the aisle, but the PA systems on the plane don’t have very good sound quality. I ended up holding the groom’s tablet (with a playlist) which was connected to a Bose speaker and holding the PA speaking button down during the entire procession and recession.”

Q Avenue Photography

With a band playing and balloons decorating the jetway, the couple and a 30-count of friends and family boarded Southwest Flight 4058 in Nashville for the ceremony. The other unsuspecting fellow passengers received an extra boarding pass inviting them to celebrate. 

The coolest part was working with a couple who wanted to make their wedding day unique to them,” Maggie says. “I truly believe that your wedding should reflect you as a couple. This couple was fun, adventurous, and their wedding reflected that. I actually didn’t meet the bride and groom until the morning of the wedding! They travel so much for work, so they hired me after a phone meeting, and we did all of the planning over the phone. We clicked instantly, and truly the best part of my job was making a dream come true for a couple who really deserves it. They are such gracious people. I was honored to be so close with them on a day they will never forget.”

Photography courtesy of Q Avenue Photo

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