Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Easy & Affordable Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Throwing a Halloween party, need last minute decorations or simply want a fun craft for the kids, family or even a girls night? Sometimes the holidays can sneak up on us with all that we have going on. While it's fun to decorate and go all out, that can end up being costly and a lot of work. Fortunately, people are becoming much for creative, money savvy and unique with their holiday decorations. We've found three fun (and cheap) DIY Halloween decorations that anyone can make at home last minute!

As seen above, this glittery spider web is so simple to make! It can be used to dress up a table at a party, hung on the windows, or used as place mats for the kids. All you need is Elmer's glue, some wax paper and your choice of glitter. Lay the wax paper down, draw your own web design with the clue, coat with glitter and wait to dry. Once dry, carefully peel away the wax paper and there you go- easy, affordable spider webs!

Not all of us have the time or leisure to carve pumpkins every year. While it's fun and creative, pumpkins within the house can be decorated to spice up any Halloween decor as well. To make this trendy, fun chevron pumpkin, all you need is spray paint of your color choice and some painters' tape. Use the tape to create your desired design, spray paint the entire pumpkin (or a particular portion if you wish), wait to dry and remove the tape. Mix up the patterns, width, colors and even add some flair to the stem, such as ribbon, to create a fun mix of decorated pumpkins for indoors or outdoors!

To add to your fun decor, try grabbing some leaves from the yard, coating with glue and glitter to make these fun, decorative leaves! Punch a hole and tie with ribbon to hang the leaves at different lengths on any given wall, door frame, mantel, or other desired area. You can also sprinkle across a table, buffet or other surface for added flair.

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