Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 Health Screenings You Should Know About

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Most of us see our doctors pretty regularly and make sure we take precautionary measures such as our annual Pap smear and mammograms, but is that enough? Are we taking enough measure to make sure we are healthy or are we just doing what we know to get by? Here are five health screenings that may not be covered under insurance or Medicare plans but may be well worth your expense for high-risk women.

Cardiovascular & Heart Disease Check
This is a vascular screening test that most hospitals and imaging facilities in Kentuckiana offer. The cost is about $75- $125.

Beyond a Mammogram
A 3D mammography screening (digital tomosynthesis) that benefits all women. Visit the Women's Diagnostic center to get your screening. Current cost is $50.

Ovarian Cancer Gene
This is a blood test for breast/ ovarian cancer gene (BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes). Costing about $3,000- $4,000, most hospitals offer genetic counseling for women and those high-risk patients may be covered by insurance.

New Colorectal Cancer Screening
A cologaurd DNA screening sometimes used as a replacement as well as an addition to a colonoscopy. Just recently approved by the FDA in August, this test may be commercially available and referred by doctors in the next month. Current cost $599.

Allergy/ Immunology
The igE blood test for allergies is mostly for convenience but could be beneficial to many women. See your doctor for a referral or visit a MedShare Health and Wellness Center without a referral. Cost is $10-$50 per allergen tested. 

To learn more about these tests and who should get them and why, see our article in our September issue (page 34) by Sanna Rogers.

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