Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Ways To Play Up Your Basics

As busy women on the go, we always have those days where it seems we have nothing to wear. Yet, there we are standing in front of a closet full of perfectly good items. These are the best times when you can return to your basics. Going back to the basics will make you realize what you have, what you actually really do need, and how many outfits you can make that you never thought of before. Here's how...

Tees. We all have them. If you don't- invest. Plain, basic, soft knit tees and perfect for every season and can be dressed down or played up. Take a basic tee and pair it with an item that you feel is a little dressy for every day attire. Maybe that lace pencil skirt you love but always feel over dressed wearing... Casual plus dressy equals just right.

Knits. We all have those too. Lightweight knits and sweaters are great transitional pieces. Yet, sometimes we might feel too plane-Jane in just a casual sweater. Pair it with the unexpected. That lace skirt? Something with sparkles? Find a piece with a different texture. Leather perhaps? The contrast in textures will draw attention and make the unexpected look easy. 

Denim. We all love our denim. A lot of work places these days are getting more casual so it's okay to wear denim to work some days- if you know how to wear it. Plus denim is great for when you are running errands, going to a get-together with friends or just want to look good without feeling like you're trying too hard. Denim goes with everything. A good pair of distressed denim can make an easy statement. Find a great-fitting, distressed pair of denim in a darker wash. You can throw a tee on, a light knit, or a blouse depending on your mood or occasion. Heels can also take a pair of denim up a notch and instantly transition your jeans from casual to Olivia Palermo-esq. 

Leggings. Yes, we all have those days wear leggings are the answer. However, leggings can give the appearance of too casual. Dress up your leggings by pairing a longer tunic or blouse with them and even layering on a cute jacket. Pretty flats and an over the shoulder bag tie this on-the-go look together flawlessly. Just remember- your leggings should never be too thin- we don't want to see through them. And of course your tunic should be long enough to make it appear that you're not really wearing leggings...

Plaid. What would we do without a great plaid shirt? Plaid is one of the easiest things to play up. You just need to know the basics. Plaid pairs really well with opposite patterns. This leopard spotted dress and blue plaid transform the simple dress and simple shirt into one chic-as-ever outfit. You'll stun them all once you get this look down. Plaid also pairs really well with a pop of color. Jeans and a plaid shirt with a pop of red shoes is effortless. Don't forget your accessories. This is another opposites rule. Statement pieces like pearls and chunky jewels can easily play up a simple plaid. 

-Alissa Hicks

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