Thursday, June 26, 2014

What does this “try-it” winner want to accomplish next?

Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt is not afraid to try new things. She can play several instruments and taught herself to play piano by ear, but there are still a few things left on her list she’d like to do. Although being a Most Admired Woman winner in the Healthcare category this year is quite an accomplishment, LaQuandra has hopes to accomplish something else that is meaningful to her.

“Last week, one of my sisters sent me an email saying, ‘Have you ever thought about how Mom never crochets now that she’s retired?’” LaQuandra says. “When we were kids, she crocheted like crazy, made blankets all the time, made them for other people. And my grandmother made hats, she sewed, did all these things. And I have none of these talents. I couldn’t crochet my baby doll a blanket. So I’ve been thinking a little bit that maybe I should learn how to sew, or maybe I should learn how to crochet. I was a ‘try it’ kid growing up, so I’m not at all averse to new experiences.”

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