Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Most Admired Woman winners reveal who they admire

At our Most Admired Woman 2014 celebration event last night at the Olmsted, our winners shared about the women they look up to while guests enjoyed delicious appetizers, cake dots, and cocktails. See who these influential women in the community most admire.

CJ Fletcher, Most Admired Woman in the arts category, shared how she admired Mary Casey from the Shamrock Pet Foundation. “She is so generous!” CJ said. CJ is pictured holding a Blight Out - Brighten Up poster that was sold to raise money to continue the project of putting art on abandoned buildings. 502.574.3364

“My mom is the bravest person - she saved me!” said Most Admired Woman in the athletics category Oksana Masters

“My mother was a quiet, gentle, sweet lady...but she could express happiness or disappointment by saying one word with two different tones: ‘Junie...’” – June Bales, Most Admired Woman in the beauty/fashion category

“My business skills come from the leadership my mom showed in raising her family.” – Deborah Charlton, Most Admired Woman in the business owner category

“From my maternal grandmother I learned about hard work, how to separate whites so they would stay white, how to grind corn, how to roll a cigar and smoke it...” – Marta Miranda, Most Admired Woman in the community/nonprofit category

Jill Bell, Most Admired Woman in the corporate category, shared a poem she wrote about her mom.

Cheryl Lowe, Most Admired Woman in the education category, talked about how her mother chose to help women and children in need in whatever way she could - a meal, a visit, or job training. “Her last words were, ‘Have I been a good example?’” Cheryl said. “I have thought about that, and that is really what is most important.”

Sarah Fritschner, Most Admired Woman in the food/entertainment category, is shown here with Today’s Woman publisher Cathy Zion. Sarah talked about her daughter’s abilities in working with children with special needs. “I admire her ability and know that it didn’t come from me,” Sarah said with a laugh.

Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, Most Admired Woman in the health/healthcare category, talked about former surgeon general Joycelyn Elders and how she has been brave enough to make bold statements and become an agent of change. “[These statements] make you clutch your pearls initially but help us solve problems in the community,” she said.

Diane Stege, Most Admired Woman in the home/homestyle category, gave credit to her mother for many things, including her knack for dinner parties. “We had Crepes Suzette prepared table-side, and I thought that is what every family did,” she said.

“My mother was instrumental in getting me into politics,” said Julie Denton, Most Admired Woman in the politics category.

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