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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: What you need to know about buying the right pair!

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May is all about shoes here at Today's Woman and since it's the pivotal point in the year when we mix it up from wintry flats and boots to sandals, wedges and more, why shouldn't it be?! We love shoes but we also know that shoe buying is not everyone's cup of tea. There is a science behind finding -and wearing- the right shoe. We got some expert advice from our Luxe panel on how they go about shoes shopping. Here's what they had to say!

How much is the most you would spend on shoes for  a special occasion?  
  • "Any amount!" -Claire Heckenberg; owner, Peacock Boutique
  • "$525." -Raquel Koff; owner, Rodeo Drive
  • "A good shoe is worth its weight in gold, but knowing your budget helps you keep focused on style while looking for something economical; a great shoe doesn't have to break the bank." -Justin Keibler; owner, BAZ and BEA Boutique 
  • "$400." -Sheila Newton; owner, From the Vault 

What is the best pair of shoes you have ever owned?
  • "My favorite brand us British Poetic Licence." -Sheila Newton; owner, From the Vault 
  • "Valentino Rockstud pumps." -Claire Heckenberg; owner, Peacock Boutique
  • "Stuart Weitzman boots." -Raquel Koff; owner, Rodeo Drive
  • "A pair of boots by Spring...I have had them for almost 10 years." -Shanda Sillings; owner, The Opal Gypsy 

What are the best shoe trends for fall that you see coming?
  • "Booties everywhere! From super dressy to casual flats." -Claire Heckenberg; owner, Peacock Boutique
  • "Always boots...the funkier the better." -Shanda Sillings; owner, The Opal Gypsy 
  • "Lace ups with chunky heels in unusual colors." -Sheila Newton; owner, From the Vault 
  • "Pointy toe pumps and booties." -Raquel Koff; owner, Rodeo Drive

How do you guide someone on buying shoes for different hem-lengths? 
  • "It's all about proportion. The shoe style also depends on if the dress or skirt is dressy or causal. Age and heel height also come into play." -Raquel Koff; owner, Rodeo Drive
  • "In my opinion, buy the shoe because you love it. Figure out what works with it later! Everyone has different dresses, pants and skirts that work with different heel heights for different occasions. Make it work." -Claire Heckenberg; owner, Peacock Boutique
  • "Many of the old rules have been thrown out – we are seeing midi length skirts with flats and short cocktail dresses with booties. Stilettos and heels always present a more polished and classy look, but you can definitely achieve a sophisticated look with a wedge or a flat. Get creative and mix it up." -Justin Keibler; owner, BAZ and BEA Boutique
  • "It depends on the person's height but ballerina flats with short hemlines." -Sheila Newton; owner, From the Vault 

What are the defining features of a high quality shoe?
  • "The leather is of a higher grade. the fit of the brand is consistent and the details are on trend. The packaging or box is nicer too." -Raquel Koff; owner, Rodeo Drive
  • "Quality of materials and design." -Claire Heckenberg; owner, Peacock Boutique
  • "When looking for high quality shoes, aim for superior leathers and fabrics, as well as the construction. An exceptional stiletto or wedge should be balanced; flats should have well-made soles. Design and style should integrate with value and last longer than one season." -Justin Keibler; owner, BAZ and BEA Boutique 
  • "Stitching." -Shanda Sillings; owner, The Opal Gypsy 

Where is your favorite place to find extravagant shoes and why?
  • " They have a well curated selection of unique items." -Claire Heckenberg; owner, Peacock Boutique
  • "Second hand store. Many times they haven't been worn or only a few times. Women shop impulsively then decide the shoes weren't a fit [so then] there they are sitting at your favorite consignment store!" -Shanda Sillings; owner, The Opal Gypsy 
  • "I don't look for extravagant shoes. I look for trendy, well-made shoes that are comfortable. Rodeo drive and Nordstrom because of the selection." -Raquel Koff; owner, Rodeo Drive
  • "Feet First in New Orleans because they carry wonderful, unusual styles." -Sheila Newton; owner, From the Vault 

What is the biggest mistake some people make when buying shoes?
  • "Cheap, ill fitting [shoes] that have no cushion for comfort." -Sheila Newton; owner, From the Vault 
  • "People make the mistake of buying shoes to match one particular look. Make sure it's a shoe that can be worn with multiple outfits to multiple occasions." -Claire Heckenberg; owner, Peacock Boutique
  • "They do not choose the right size." -Shanda Sillings; owner, The Opal Gypsy
  • "Don’t get stuck in a rut and limit your creativity. Experiment by trying a bold color, or try different heel heights and styles – you may find something new and unexpected that you love." -Justin Keibler; owner, BAZ and BEA Boutique 

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