Friday, May 9, 2014

For Hire: One hunky wedding date, please!

Rent A Gent

Now that spring is in full bloom, your schedule suddenly starts getting busy with weddings, graduation parties, barbecues, high school reunions, your second cousin’s daughter’s eighth birthday party – you name it, when the weather is warm, people start doing things.

Of course, when you start doing things, you might need a date for an event or two. Single? No problem. We came across an interesting option you might not have considered: Renting a date. This trend is becoming more and more popular among professional women. Don’t freak out - we don’t mean Richard Gere in American Gigolo.

What we do mean is Rent A Gent. It’s described as “the newest site on the scene offering quality, skilled and handsome men available for ‘rent.’ Rent A Gent fills a void for the independent, successful, single woman who wants to have fun, who may need an extra set of hands for a home project requiring some muscle, or yes, looking for a charming stud to strip down to his birthday suit for that unforgettably wild bachelorette party.”

So yes, for $300 an hour, “Rent A Gent’s men are available to cook a gourmet meal, dance, give a guitar lesson, play an instrument, be a personal trainer, assemble furniture, or just serve as fabulous arm candy at an event.”

Rent A Gent

A lot of screening and picky choosing goes into finding these men, so rest assured, you will get what you pay for. Rent A Gent thoroughly reviews each male applicant in person before they can be part of the service. Afterward each finalist is evaluated by a panel of women. Users of the site can shop by degree completed, special talent, height, body type, language, and location to find their ideal man.

Once you’ve chosen your stud, you can even help him choose an outfit to make sure he looks the part for your need. Detailed reviews from past clients are available, as are the gents’ mini-résumés, pictures, bios, and special talents. Rent A Gent is so confident in their services, they offer a money back guarantee if your gent doesn’t make you swoon.

So next time you have a wedding to go to with all your old college friends, or that family gathering where Aunt Mildred won’t stop asking why you haven’t settled down, you’ll have a handsome man beside you making small talk like he already knows everyone at the event.


  1. Do you have any idea who your target audience is? Last I heard, it was women in the Louisville/southern Indiana area. Rent A Gent is not located or available anywhere around here. Thanks for wasting my time!

    1. Sorry, we should have clarified! Rent a Gent is expanding and they advise to contact them at if you'd like to rent a fella in another state.


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