Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Make yourself feel better with these useful tips

Make yourself feel better

We polled our wellness advisory panel to see what helps them feel better. Here are some of the tips they recommend.

Does exercise make you feel better?

100 percent of our panel that voted polled yes. 

Do you use alternative methods for feeling better?

"A massage does wonders to help with relaxation and joint pain! Meditation and prayers is at the top of my list." -Geri Manning, BeautiControl Image & SPA

"I enjoy a little aromatherapy each day- by applying scented body lotion as soon as I step out of the shower and burning candles in the evening. Curling up in a blanket and enjoying a cup of herbal tea also helps." -Diane Kissel, IT director at Kindred 

"Daily prayers and pedicures!" -Holly Clark, manager of EAP & Work- life Services at Humana

"There is strong medical research establishing the relationship between exercise and psychological well-being. I try to walk briskly outside for 45 minutes everyday, weather permitting." -Deborah Tuggle, clinical nurse specialist, Norton Healthcare

Make yourself feel better

What foods do you recommend people incorporate into their diet to help them feel better ?

"Lighter foods that don't "weigh" you down- literally and figuratively.  Things like fish, fruits, vegetables, and salads." -Melissa Little, co-owner of Little Eatz 

"Eat protein and vegetables daily. Try to keep the carbs out of your diet.  The carbs contain sugar which in turn your body will crave even more. Try a smoothie made with fresh fruit and yogurt." -Dee Jay Kelly, public educator, Harrods Creek fire department

"I recommend a whole foods, plant-based diet and have been following this lifestyle for two years.  I tried it to lower my cholesterol and reduced my levels by 40 points in just 30 days." -Robin Sprigler, physical therapist and wellness coach, Inspire Wellness Coaching and Consulting

"Low fat, low cholesterol healthy heart diet including whole grains, low fat dairy, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, at least two servings of fish per week.  Limit red meat and alcohol.  Avoid fried foods, processed or high sugar containing foods, foods with nitrates, food colorings, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives as much as possible. Try to avoid using the salt shaker.  Practicing these healthy eating habits will invariably help one lose weight, lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes and some malignancies. It will help the body utilize their energy stores in a more efficient manor which will give you more energy and improvement in overall health." -Alexis Karageorge, M.D., physician and owner, Louisville Concierge Medicine, PLLC

make yourself feel better

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