Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Doing a little New Year's self improvement doesn't have to be so daunting or difficult. Try these easy, fool-proof resolutions that you can actually keep and spread the love- both to yourself and others this upcoming year!

Make monthly goals. Setting small, achievable, short-term goals each month will help you stay motivated and on track. Having one big goal for the entire year can be daunting and it is easy to fall off- thinking you'll just get back on track next week (but are you really?). Set one to three small goals each month. Try not eating any fast food for a month, or doing 50 push-ups every day for one month, or actually to do one of those Pinterest crafts you pin but never get around to doing each week. Jut think how festive your home or how organized your bathroom will be after four weeks of those...

Take more time for yourself. Taking time to focus on yourself is not always selfish. Take an hour of each day to focus on or do something you love. If you love working out- carve out the time. Only have 30 minutes? Make it happen. A 30 minute workout is better than no workout. Take time to relax. Even if it's just making yourself breakfast and sitting down to enjoy it before rushing off to your day, do it. Sit in a bath, light a candle and read, listen to music or just sit in some much needed silence. Give yourself a DIY face or hair mask (think Pinterest!) and a new paint job on your nails. It's amazing how relaxing putting your hair up, slathering goop on your face and painting your nails can be! 

Wear more color/ sparkle. Get out of your office attire rut and be bold. Love that classic black pencil skirt? Keep it but switch it up. Get rid of the blazer and ordinary blouses and add in some sparkle. Business dress these days is much more relaxed than you may think. I doubt if anyone in your office is going to mind or think negatively about your pop of color, statement necklace or sparkly cardigan. Trust me- it can only put people in a good mood seeing someone mix it up. Not to mention, it gives you a boost of confidence and who doesn't need one of those every once in a while? 

Pay more compliments. Take the time to notice. And say it. You can compliment anyone's new nail color or earrings but noticing their new ideas they pitched in the latest meeting, their sunny attitude or their creative work is much more meaningful. Go beyond the surface. Make a goal to pay more attention to the deeper things. You'll be surprised who you inspire to do the same.

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