Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Exercise... Do it in a Hammock!

Exercise- Do It In A Hammock!
By Mali Anderson

Stephanie Bristow, owner of B.YOU fitness studio, shows one of the workout poses in a suspended silk hammock — another way to get a complete body workout.

Stephanie opened a barre fitness studio in fall of 2012. She then partnered up with Rashna Carmicle, and they expanded the vision to create B.YOU fitness studio (3934 Chenoweth Square) and offer cardio, sculpting, stretching, and interval training classes. Their concept has been successful, and the two of them are expanding to an additional location in the Springhurst Shopping Center (10513 Fischer Park Drive). We talked with Stephanie about their newest workout in a silk hammock.

Q: What is B. Silque Fit?
A: It is a modern fitness method that utilizes a suspended aerial silk hammock for a complete body workout. The method is inspired from aerial yoga, ballet, Pilates, suspension training, and traditional strength exercises.

Q: Why is this form of exercise beneficial?
A: It focuses on core strength and proper body alignment. Increasing core strength is an automatic cure for most lower back and joint pain. We have clients that tell us weekly how their chronic pains have disappeared.

Q: If I'm not in great shape, can I still participate?
A: Absolutely, all fitness levels are welcome! We aim to provide beginner clients with a fitness regimen to build strength and meet their health and fitness goals.

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  1. Hi, I just tried aerial yoga yesterday and enjoyed it! Looks like I'll be attending more sessions. It's good to know that "Increasing core strength is an automatic cure for most lower back and joint pain" this is definitely what I need, since I have dextroscoliosis. All I need now is my own hammock at home! Thanks!


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