Monday, December 23, 2013

5 Helpful Tips on Writing a Thank-You Note

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With the holiday season in full swing, things can be overwhelming at times between gift-giving, holiday parties and everything in the middle. With all our busy schedules and the ease of technology, it is too easy to just send a quick email, Facebook post or tweet to thank someone for a gift or gesture. But, a handwritten thank-you note is still a more meaningful way to say thank you, especially during the season of giving. Here are a few tips by The Stationary Studio to help make writing a thank you note easy and simple.

  1. Buy your stationery before the holiday season so you're ready. Pick stationery that reflects your personality. Outgoing? Try something bright and cheerful with fun prints. Traditional? Look for something classic, such as letterpress stationery. There are so many beautiful options and something for every taste and style.
  2. Think about what you want to say before you start your thank-you note and use proper salutations. Use meaningful words, such as thoughtful, appreciate, cherish, thrilled, grateful, acknowledge, considerate, generous, etc.
  3. Did you go to a fabulous party? Thank the host for the great party and ask for the recipe for her amazing hors d'oeuvres or delicious cocktails. Did you receive a gift? Let the gift-giver know how you plan to use the gift. If it's money, refer to the generosity and not the amount.
  4. Details! When stuck on what else to write, give as many details as possible. If someone gave you an ornament, you could say "I absolutely love the Santa ornament. It will look great on our tree this Christmas! It is a great addition to my collection."
  5. Don't delay. Write your thank-you notes as soon as possible. A rule of thumb is to send a thank-you note within two weeks. However, it's better to send a late thank-you note than none at all.

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