Friday, November 22, 2013

Take Care of Yourself- Go Outdoors

Most of us work indoors in recycled air and fluorescent light. My office this past year has been in the basement with no window due to a renovation project. Many days I felt like my brain was fried. When I felt completely depleted, it was easy to walk outside and breathe some fresh air.  If the weather was nice, I might walk for ten minutes. If not, I would just stand on the porch and breathe and look at the land, the trees, the plants, the birds.

Nature has a cadence far different than the one technology has created for most of us. While a wild storm may whip through occasionally, nature is mostly relaxed. Things grow over time.  Snow falls softly. Waves roll in.  Sunrises and sunsets are not hurried. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “The sky is the daily bread for the eyes.”

Being outside allows us to fall into rhythm with nature and because her rhythm is relaxed, our rhythm relaxes too. Give yourself the gift of several forays outside each day. Maybe it will only be for two or three minutes. Just get out there and take some deep breaths. Go outside each day to see the wonder of the earth and feel your connection to the whole world. You’ll come back into your work space with a different attitude.

By Bob Mueller, senior director of Mission & Stewardship at Hosparus

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