Friday, October 4, 2013

What's Your Body Language Saying?


Watch out! Your body could be telling on you. 
You might not think your common gestures matter to others, but for someone with a discerning eye, you could be saying much more than you realize. We show you how to 
decode your own body language — and save face. 

Being anxious

Kara DeLost, 
Digital Strategist, Power Creative 

Her body language: Twirling hair

What it really means: You may be stressed or anxious. 

Trend: Bold Jewel Tones with metallic jewelry. 
At any age, a bold jewel tone looks chic and trendy. 

Kara is wearing: Gianni Bini dress, $99, available at Dillard’s, Mall St. Matthews

Being unsure

Terri Blincoe, 
Brand Development and Marketing at Churchill Downs

Her body language: The partial arm cross 

What it really means: You may feel unsafe and be seeking protection. People who have this body language are unconsciously mimicking the secure feeling they experienced whenever their parent would hold their hand. 

Trend: Small patterns in bold colors. Keeping the classic shape of the dress, Terri was able to pull off this bold pattern on her petite frame. 

Terri is wearing: Vince Camuto dress, $128; Vince Camuto shoes, $139; Stony necklace, $34. All items available at Dillard’s, Mall St. Matthews

Being closed off. Not open to others.

Ali Turner, 
Social Media Analyst, The Social Hive at YUM! Brands 

Kevin Barrett, 
Assistant Vice President, BB&T Insurance Services

Her body language: Crossed arms
What it really means: You are not agreeing with or open to anything this person is saying.

Trend:  Leather. Leather accessories and accents are being seen in all the stores. Mixing up textures is a great way to spice up your wardrobe! 

Ali is wearing: Cremieux blouse, $89; skirt, $59; Calvin Klein shoes, $79; Stony necklace, $24; Stony bangles, $35, all available at Dillard’s, Mall St. Matthews

Faking a smile. Not interested in conversation.

Kara Taylor, 
Executive Producer,

Her body language: Fake smile

What it really means: You don’t like the person you are smiling at, and you are eager to end the conversation. 

Trend:  Black and White. This classic pairing is coming back around and will be showing up everywhere!

Kara is wearing: Antonio Melani blouse, $119; Sanctuary jacket, $55; Kenneth Cole slacks, $55; Isala shoes, $89. All items available at Dillard’s, Mall St. Matthews

Trend: Boots and Blazers. Riding boots paired with dark denim and a blazer is a great way to create a business casual look.  

Ali is wearing: Collective Concepts blouse, $79; Cremieux blazer, $50; Joe’s Jeans, $169; Antonio Melani boots, $150. All items available at Dillard’s, Mall St. Matthews

By Tiffany White and Anita Oldham
Photos: Melissa Donald
Styling: Erin Fust 
Hair and Makeup by Amber Maloy (Blades Salon & Spa)

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