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Be Brave — Do Your Thing: An interview with author Janice Carter Levitch

Today's Woman Magazine interview with Janice Carter Levitch

Recently I picked up a local newspaper and noticed a photograph of four women and a man all dressed in white. The layout of the photo was eye-catching. The story was about a fundraiser for the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft. I called the museum and asked to speak to the person who styled the photo. A few minutes later Janice Carter Levitch called me back. Little did I know our conversation would have nothing to do with creativity. Well, maybe it did.

I thought from looking at the photograph that “your thing” was fashion and styling...?
Janice Carter Levitch: I used to model. I owned Cosmo Model Agency, so I know a lot about that. But that's not my thing now.

So, what is your thing?
JCL: It's the Graceful Energy series of eight books I wrote and published to help people when they need nourishment for their souls.

What was your inspiration?
JCL: I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Following my divorce, I felt it was the beginning of my loss of innocence. When I was a very young girl I wrote in a diary. So I started writing and meditating heavily. When I started having dark nights, I got one of my journals out and read it; it became a source of hope and encouragement. From that I felt propelled to write the books.

How did you meditate?
JCL: I took long, long walks to Cave Hill Cemetery. It was a walking meditation that became very significant to me. I thought if I walked far enough and long enough the pain would go away.

What came out of those walks that was significant?
JCL: Quiet Power. That is the name of my first book, and then the other books just started popping out.

What is quiet power?
JCL: It is all about finding your peace. It has a quiet presence...within that is the power. Here is an excerpt from the book I particularly liked: "The deeper meaning is what we all are searching for. Take this time to find your solitude and discover what veils you have covering your true intent of life's journey. Pull them back one by one and let that meaning reveal itself to open and is there." How can someone begin to pull back the veils.

In the Graceful Energy series, one thing I stress is to think, 'What if this were your last day, what would you change?' Who would you forgive, who would you reach out to, who would you tell 'I love you,' or who would you say 'I'm sorry' to? It really changes the way you look at life. It helps you see what you need to move out of your life and what to let go of, out of love. And that releases you to go on and live your life ….what's waiting for you.

Is it possible for us to change our lives?
JCL: I was taught by my father that we really do have the power to create our life the way we want it to be. Don't blame anyone else, don't make excuses. Just get up and do it. My father was a young dad with five children when he started his own business. He became successful and traveled the world meeting interesting people, but I remember the days of eating fried bologna. He taught me that entrepreneurial spirit.

What about the fear of doing something new?
JCL: When you said this article was about being brave, it made my heart flutter a little bit because it took a lot of courage for me to edit my journal, edit my writing, have someone help me put it together and then finally be brave enough to let it go, let it go out there for judgment. At that moment, when I realized it was going to become public, I felt very anxious about it. I took another walk to Cave Hill, to pull together the courage to be brave enough to let Quiet Power fly. Even my typesetter came to my house one day after I kept giving him edit after edit. I wasn't being brave. He said, “You know Janice, you've got to stop editing. It's good now. Just give it to me and let it go. Whatever you don't get in this one, put it in the next book.”

I understand how hard it is to put yourself out there. I have finally been able to let a lot of the fear go. One of the meditation techniques I have for letting fear go is... You're sitting in a peaceful place, relaxed. Your eyes are closed. Much like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. He had a tin chest. You're able to open this door and you visualize little tiny nutcracker soldiers jumping out. They are your fear. They all run off, and you close the door. All your fear is gone. What's left is the energy to move on without fear. Sometimes they come knocking at the door....saying, 'Mama, let me in,' but don't do it!

How do you feel now that you have published your first book?
JCL: I feel accomplished. I visualize myself stopping, turning around and looking back at the finish line, my goal, realizing I have reached past it and I see my fear left behind. It's not with me.

Are you healed?
JCL: I would like to think yes, with great hesitation. I don't want to be arrogant to think fear won't bubble up again. Yet, while my father taught me to be brave, my mother taught me to have faith.

Janice Carter Levitch's first book in her Graceful Energy series can be purchased at Her second book, Maybe... A Little Book About Hope, will be out this fall.

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  1. Thank you Holly Gregor and everyone at Today's Woman for providing me with the opportunity to share The Graceful Energy Series. Watching the series come to life has been a dream of mine and knowing it may help someone else to be brave truly humbles me. May you...find your peace...may your peace...find you.


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