Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Facial Hair Speaks!

By Meghan Seckman  |  Photos by Melissa Donald  |  Illustration by Silvia Cabib

Facial hair exudes confidence, and the men who choose to manifest such manly potential shout to the world their greatness (or ego, or fundamentalism) one mustache at a time.

From left:

Adam Moseley, research analyst: "I started growing it after my cousin and I watched Whisker Wars, so I figured I'd try it. It's 10 inches long right now, and I'm getting ready for my two-year anniversary."

Shane Ramsey, architectural designer: "It made me look older and more intimidating when playing sports in high school and college. Now, if I shaved my entire face before work, I'd need to do it again before noon. I call it taking advantage of a God-given blessing. Professionally, I think men with facial hair are taken more seriously and appear more driven."

Our barber, Nick Smith

Patrick Fette, between jobs: "I was very interested in Civil War history growing up and always wanted a handlebar mustache. I am an accomplished competitive mustache grower, having won the National English Style Mustache Championship in Las Vegas. I am looking to defend my title and hope to make it to Germany for the World Championship in a few months."

Mark Palmer, owner and founder of Oohology: "There is serious dude envy surrounding beards. In order to grow a beard, there are three criteria: physical ability, the liberty to grow a beard at your place of work, and an intrinsic willingness. My beard allows me to be eccentric on the job; it also holds the man smells of bourbon, bacon, motor oil, and the tears of vanquished opponents."

Read what barber Nick Smith had to say about these guys' works of facial hair art in our Man Issue, page 32.

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