Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He's got a power breakfast recipe you should try!

Photo: Melissa Donald   Location: Admiral Bicknell House, New Albany

Patrick Mahoney, 28, works at ProFormance on River Road and has been working there for seven years since he graduated from University of Louisville with a degree in exercise science. “I felt there was definitely a need in the education of the general population,” he says. “That’s what really got me into it.”

“I find a lot of women are scared of the weight room," he says. "They tend to just go straight to long-distance running. I really like to show women that weights are beneficial and that they are going to make them reach their goals quicker.”

What do you guarantee that a woman will get from your type of workout?

“She’ll definitely get cardiovascular work. She’ll get the resistance training. I like to do a lot of intervals. I like to mix weight training up with some sprints or cardiovascular work. Also, she’ll receive the education to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about dieting. It’s not about a quick fix. I want to teach people how to carry on through the rest of their lives with healthy lifestyle changes.”

What spices do you like to use?
“One of my favorite spices to use in foods is turmeric. I use it on everything from eggs to chicken. The reason I use that is it is known to fight cancer and can fight inflammation in the body. And other spices, basically just sea salt, pepper, garlic. I keep it pretty simple."

His recipe:
A nutrient-packed power breakfast (that will keep you full and satisfied)
2-3 eggs
1 red apple (McIntosh are my favorite to cook with)
fresh spinach
coconut oil
sea salt

Slice apple. Scramble your eggs. Put about a tbsp of coconut oil in pan and let it get warm.

Put apples in the pan and cook in oil until they start to get tender and brown. Add in the spinach and a little sea salt. Add the eggs and season with turmeric (a teaspoon should be enough, but add more if you like).

Find him:, Facebook: Patrick Mahoney Personal Training and Twitter @patrickmtrainer.

– Amanda Beam

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  1. Keeping a balanced diet and te right amount of exercise seems like the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Good post.


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