Friday, August 23, 2013

Bridal Shower Do's and Don'ts


We're down to 43 days, which is both exciting and terrifying! We've gotten most of the big things done, but there are about a million small details we're still figuring out. In the meantime, it's been fun to attend a couple bridal showers put on by my wonderful friends and family. Now that I've got two showers under my belt, here are my do's and don'ts for your shower day:

  1. Do cherish the people who are there for you. Try to spend some time in personal conversation with everyone.
  2. Do ask your host to have some music or something playing in the background while you open gifts. It's a little awkward when you're the center of attention and fumbling around trying not to break all your bows (you know the number of bows you break predicts how many kids you'll have!). Avoid an awkward silence with some fun tunes.
  3. Do save your ribbons for a fun rehearsal dinner bouquet.
  4. Do have your host bring some envelopes for your guests to address to themselves as they come in. This will save you lots of time when writing thank-you cards.
  5. Do make sure you have arrangements for transporting all your gifts after the shower. If you're having lots of guests, your gifts probably won't all fit into your mini Cooper.
  6. Do embrace non-traditional shower ideas: a coed shower for both you and your groom, an around-the-clock shower, a themed shower... have fun with it.
  1. Don't forget to have someone write down all your gifts as you open them - what the gift is and who it's from. You'll want to keep this for thank-you cards and just as a keepsake to remember the party in years to come.
  2. Don't stress about trying to include everyone. Invite your close friends and family, and if you all can't agree on a date, you might consider having more than one shower. There was no way to invite all my bridesmaids, friends and family to one bridal shower – one date just couldn't work for everyone. We ended up splitting them up into a shower with my college friends, a shower with my mom's and groom's family who live a few hours away, and a shower for my dad's side and church family in my hometown, where most of them live. I got to spend more time with everyone and enjoy the fun of three different parties!
  3. Don't hold back on the games. You may or may not want to have games, but be cool and go along with it if it's what your host has already planned. If you truly don't want games (and it's fine if you don't – after all, this is for you), let your host know beforehand.
– Assistant editor/designer Jessica Smith

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