Monday, June 10, 2013

Get to know our Most Admired Woman winners!

Leslie Broecker
Category: Arts
Job Title: President of Broadway Across America - Midwest

What is it about a musical that draws you in?
I love when a number comes together and they hit the notes at that perfect pitch where you just have to close your eyes and turn your head to hear it. I get goose bumps. And every night is different. For me, it’s all about that immediacy and the beauty of the music in your heart. I know it sounds kind of corny, and people laugh at me because when a show’s really good, odds are I’m missing most of it because I’m welling up.

About her past:
Leslie tried to learn to play the violin and guitar. Her parents even sent her to lessons, but she never got into it.

Chancellor Dugan
Category: Athletics/Fitness
Job Title: Bellarmine Women’s Basketball Coach

What motivates you?
I’ve always said I wanted to be the best at whatever I do, from swimming to whatever sport I was in. And I want to win a national championship.
I said that to a room full of reporters once when I was young and cocky, but that’s really something I want to do. And I want to give back, to leave a
little bit of happiness where we’ve been. I think about that young girl who’s sitting up there in the stands watching, and I want her to want to be a part of
our basketball program. I started out wanting to please my parents, and then wanting to please my coaches, and then wanting to please my boss. And now I
want to please the Bellarmine community and Louisville, to make them happy and proud that I’m their head coach.

About her past:
The first sport Chancellor loved was swimming. She didn’t play basketball until a professor at Eastern encouraged her to try out.

Heather French Henry
Category: Beauty/Fashion
Job Title: Owner/Designer, Heather French Henry Collection
What advice would you give women about style and fashion?
To me, style should be affordable, and I think that feeling beautiful is more important that being beautiful. Any woman, no matter her shape, size, or walk of life, should be able at some point in her life to find a way to feel beautiful about herself. Too many women pay too much attention to trends. I think you should wear what you feel comfortable in and what looks good on you. And there are so many women out there who get stuck, and they want to be like Garanimals, where this has to match this and that. But there is a way to take pieces that seemingly don’t go together and make them work. It’s all in how you style it and accessorize it.

How do you relax?
I wish I could say exercise is my outlet, but I love sitting down on the couch with the girls and watching movies. If it’s a feel-good movie, I’ll watch it a ton of times. My youngest daughter’s favorite is Gone With the Wind, and I’ve just recently gotten into watching more black and white movies.

Patti Swope
Category: Business Owners
Job Title: Chairman, Sam Swope Auto Group

Do you have any advice for women when it comes to buying a car?
I think women shouldn’t be afraid to go into a dealership. First of all, women have all the resources at their fingertips that men have always had. We train our salespeople on working with women. I don’t ever want somebody, a woman especially, to have an experience that would be a turnoff. There’s simply no need for that.

Read more about our Most Admired Woman winners in our June issue. Check back for more Q&A's with our other winners soon!

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