Monday, May 13, 2013

Walk in Judie Parks' shoes

Judie Parks is embracing her walk through life.

Judie Parks
Job: Principal broker and co-owner of Prudential Parks and Weisberg Realtors

What is your greatest accomplishment?
I have a 25-year marriage and three absolutely wonderful gentlemen that are not only my sons but my friends. They talk to me, they trust me, they look up to me and I to them. I learn as much from them as I teach them, and they've made me a better person.

Whose footsteps are you following in?
I am following in my mom's, but I didn't think I would. When I was young, I worked for my mom as a secretary. Everyone kept asking me whether I was going into real estate, and I would say, "No way!" Eventually, I got my Masters of Computer Engineering from the Speed School of Engineering at UofL. I worked for Humana and Ford Motor Company before I decided to pursue this career, and she had nothing to do with that change. When I decided to leave Ford, I interviewed with three individual companies who didn't know anything about my background, and they all asked me the same question: Have you ever considered sales? I called my mom, and I told her that if I am going into sales, then I'm going into real estate. I quit Ford and never looked back.

Are you creating a new path? What is it?
My new path would be I am co-owner, principal broker, head of relocation, and still a top sales agent, combining that with volunteerism and a strong family.

Where do you like to walk?
I live in Springhurst, which has 10 miles of sidewalk area. You can walk to the movies and stores. We walk everywhere.

Have you ever felt like you were walking on a tightrope?
In my previous places of employment, I felt like I was walking a tightrope because it didn't fit my personality. I want to enjoy what I am doing. I want to have fun.

Have you ever walked alone when it came to a way of thinking or something you were fighting for?
When I was 16, I got into a car with a drunk driver and had an accident that put me in the hospital. After the car wreck, there was a period where I felt like I was walking alone. I lost my faith. Many people thought that I should be grateful to be alive, but they didn't understand the trauma I was going through. I had a lot of guilt.

What has been the longest walk you've had in your life?
The longest walk is the walk I am still on, which is to live wholeheartedly and in mindfulness...truly recognizing the good in you and the bad in you. It's about being true to myself and not letting all the critics who like to judge influence me and my decisions.

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