Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Solutions to Foot Problems from local experts

With the warm weather coming up, it’s almost time to show off those feet and slip into our sandals. Before we do so, we’ve polled our Today’s Woman Wellness Advisory Group on what foot issues they have and how they address them. Here’s what they said...

Pat Cooke, Artist:
“I get a pedicure regularly in the summer and lay off the nail polish in the winter to let my nails breathe.”

Kristi Jedlicki, Program Manager at the St. John Center for Homeless Men:
“Before getting pedicures, I had a problem with ingrown toenails, but I no longer do thanks to having my nails trimmed properly.”

Debbie Williams, Project Coordinator, AquaPro Painting:
“The right shoes prevent a lot of problems.”

Deborah Tuggle, Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Norton Women's Hospital:
“Intermittent pedicures, foot rubs from hubby, great walking shoes, padded inserts when I buy for fashion instead of fit or comfort...gel pads on the balls of my feet to replace the natural pads that have disappeared.”

Tamella Cassis, Dermatologist, Cassis Dermatology and Aesthetics Center:
“I change my workout shoes about every three months, and I really keep my feet hydrated to ward off skin problems. I try to get regular pedicures and switch up my shoes from higher heels to flats. Two days a week I usually wear compression stockings to help my feet and my legs.”

Robin Sprigler, Founder, Inspire Wellness Coaching and Consulting, LLC:
“Stretch your calf muscles and plantar fascia. Roll the arch of your foot on a golf ball for a great stretch.”

Janie Watts, High School Librarian:
“I use a cream with glycolic acid in it at night. I also exfoliate with a file a couple of times a week when I shower.”

Cheryl Scanlon, Wellness Manager, University Hospital:
“Using foot lotion daily and massaging when needed. Stretching the feet helps, and massaging.”

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