Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meet Terri George - She knows interiors

Terri George walks the metaphorical tightrope of life confidently. Find out how...

Terri George
Job: Interior Design Department Chairperson, Sullivan College of Technology and Design

What is your greatest accomplishment? 
Implementing a bachelor's degree program in Interior Design.

Whose footsteps are you following in? 
My father's. I like a fight. I like to be challenged. I like to win and work hard.

Are you creating a new path? What is it? 
We are acquiring higher and higher accreditations for the program, and that takes a lot of curriculum-building and teamwork, collaboration, and exploration.

Where do you like to walk? 
I like to walk in my garden, because that gives me downtime, and there's a change every day.

What has been the longest walk you've had in your life?
Accepting myself personally and professionally and celebrating who I am, and that comes with feeling comfortable in your skin.

Do you always walk the straight and narrow or do you stray sometimes?
I am a strayer. Creative people don't walk the straight and narrow. It gets old and stale, and my job requires getting people excited about design, and design is organic, ever-changing.

Have you ever felt like you were walking on a tightrope? 
I am at my best on the tightrope. I like being pushed to the limit. Becoming the department chair of this program six years ago required planning administrative duties in addition to teaching classes.

Have you ever walked alone when it came to a way of thinking or something you were fighting for?
There have been times in the evolution of the program that I had the confidence that a certain path was the right way to go, and I had to fight for it. Not everyone was on board with me, but I do have enough humility — I hope —to change my point of view if it means success for the program.

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