Sunday, March 31, 2013

They've Lost 45 Pounds Collectively!

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Maggie after hiking back to the top of the Grand Canyon. Maggie thanks her trainer Ali for helping her prepare for this trip.  

Are you ready to change your life? Our three Weight Loss women have! With the help from their trainers and from this year's meal provider, Home Cuisine, these woman are losing weight and inches.  They are feeling and looking great. For each pound she has lost, each woman has equally gained benefits such as more energy, improved strength and balance, and better-fitting clothes. In fact, each one is buying smaller sizes and/or are wearing clothes she hasn't worn in a long time. Check out how each is doing and how much they have lost thus far.

Maggie's Numbers in February:                                         Maggie's Numbers in April:
Weight:  160lbs                                                                  Weight:  145 lbs (Lost 15 lbs)
BMI:      26.6                                                                      BMI:      24.1      
Waist:     35 1/2"                                                                 Waist:      34"  (Lost 1 1/2")   
Hips:      42 1/2"                                                                  Hips:       39"  (Lost 3 1/4")

The numbers here listed for April are correct. The numbers listed in this month's April issue were not updated. You can tell a huge difference just by looking at Maggie. She looks great and is feeling awesome! 

Maggie exercising an assisted pull up - look at those biceps! 

Maggie, her husband and a few friends just returned from a trip hiking the Grand Canyon from top to bottom. With the help from her trainer Allison Hilles at the Southern Indiana YMCA in New Albany, Indiana, Maggie was able to hike with ease. Maggie has not only lost weight but inches as well. And she just bought a new pair of pants - one size smaller!

Susan's Numbers in February:                                           Susan's Numbers in April:
Weight:  170 lbs                                                                Weight:  155 lbs (Lost 15lbs)
BMI:      28.6                                                                     BMI:      26.9
Waist:     42"                                                                      Waist:     40 1/4" (Lost 1 3/4")
Hips:      44 3/4"                                                                 Hips:      43"       (Lost 1 3/4")

The numbers here listed for April are correct. The numbers listed in this months April issue were not updated. You can tell a huge difference just by looking at Susan as well. Susan is also now wearing a size smaller than previously.  

Susan stepping up with a weighted ball on one foot - not easy.

Susan has made so much progress! Her trainer Maria at Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center in Louisville, KY makes sure Susan is doing her exercises safely. Susan has lower back problems, so her poses and exercises are modified so she can successfully and lose weight and inches while gaining strength and balance.


Lizzet's Numbers in February:                                          Lizzet's Numbers in April:
Weight:  182 lbs                                                               Weight:  167 lbs  (Lost 15 lbs)
BMI:      31.5                                                                    BMI:       28.7
Waist:     37 7/8"                                                               Waist:      35"         (Lost 2 7/8")
Hips:      44 1/2"                                                               Hips:        40"         (Lost 4 1/2")

Look how great Lizzet looks! She looks fantastic! Lizzet has been working out in a group setting at Iron Body Fitness with trainer and owner Dave Randolph. "Dave is great - yes, you are in a group setting, but everyone gets individual attention," she says.

Lizzet swinging a 30 LB cast iron kettle bell - just one of many kettle bell-incorporated exercises.

Working at 6 - 9 minute intervals for one full hour, Dave's programs are different each day of the week.  Here Lizzet is swinging a 30 LB cast iron kettle bell, just one of many exercises found in Dave's interval training. Like everyone, Lizzet has lost weight and inches and has gained strength and balance.  Now, Lizzet is able to do squats without the assistance of a board under her feet. Dave is extremely knowledgeable on nutrition and how the body works. Check out his website for more before and after photos of some of his other clients.

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