Monday, January 14, 2013

Inspiration Monday

Welcome, Monday!

At Today's Woman, we are starting this cold, wet Monday off thinking about
Derby. Are you trying to procrastinate or just need some inspiration? Visit these sites to make this a Power Monday.

Start your day with this breakfast.

If you need job inspiration.

Looking for a new interior?

If you just got engaged, get organized here. Or get your wedding workout on here.

Should you wear a bow this season?

Have you tried any of this mom's favorite things?

A way to visualize your better future.

Tell us how you are getting inspired today!


  1. I'm not a morning person, much less a Monday morning person, so some inspiration is much-needed today. Just got engaged three weeks ago and definitely gonna try to get organized! Does anyone else have more recommendations about how to get (and stay) organized for a wedding?

    1. Pinterest is a wonderful way to organize ideas for a wedding. You can pin creative ideas to virtual pinboards and retrieve them easily with a click of a button. There are some amazing wedding ideas on there! Congratulations on your recent engagement!

    2. Thanks for your tip and congratulations! I do love the glories of Pinterest for inspiration. If you have any other ideas on organizing the paper and printed stuff - everything from prices, dates, contacts, etc. - I would love to hear them also. :)


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