Monday, August 29, 2016

A Fitness Inspiration Board for Rose Short

Goal Oriented 
I’m a very goal-oriented woman, so I set goals for myself. Sometimes they are small goals, others times they are more lofty. I also have photos of strong women whom I admire on my phone and motivational quotes that keep me focused. Being an example to my family definitely keeps me going!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

How Maggie Harlow Got Her Energy Back

Ultimate Goal
I want to continue to increase my overall strength. My ultimate goal is enjoy the aging experience, learning to listen to my body and continue to push myself to be upright!

Finding Resources and Helping in This Community

When Felicia Young’s son was born with special needs that included a mild mental disability, she knew that he would require community services to help him thrive. “At that time, I had to really dig for resources to help me connect the dots,” she says.
By Megan S. Willman

The Metro United Way relies on volunteers to help kids achieve academic success. 

Eventually, Felicia found Metro United Way (MUW) and the programs which have helped her son blossom; this year he will be a high school senior. “My initial struggles followed by the success we found with MUW ignited my passion to help others find resources and connect the dots for their own children.” Today, Felicia serves as the associate manager of volunteer engagement, and broadly spreads the word about all MUW can offer. “There is never a shortage of people who need help in our community,” she says.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Dress Motivated Karen Zegart

Starting Goal 
My daughter got married four years ago. I ordered a dress that was too small, which prompted me to start training with a trainer three times a week. I lost seven inches overall the first month and by the wedding, I lost 12 inches overall. I easily slid into the dress I could not get past my thighs three months earlier. He tailored the training just for me combining cardio, weights and other training I loved it so much I still work out today two years later.

It’s Called Urban Beekeeping

Kelli holds a honey frame from a honey super. Photos by Melissa Donald 

By Alissa Hicks
Three years ago, Kelli McAllister Bailey decided she wanted to embark on a new adventure. While she never booked a plane ticket or hopped in the car to drive across the country, she took on a new life right in her small, urban backyard. “I decided I wanted to be a beekeeper.”

Friday, August 26, 2016

Karen Salisbury Stays Fit to Help Horses Run Faster

Photo by Melissa Donald 

Always Moving 
I’ve been exercising since I could walk! I have always been athletic, always climbing or jumping, running or doing cartwheels.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Belly Dancing Healed Me

Can belly dancing heal? In 2006, Raqia Reich fell into a deep depression following the diagnosis of an illness and was pulled out by the inspiring dance. The mixture of femininity, strength, spirituality, and expression of the soul helped me love and empower myself again.”
By Brigid Morrissey

Raqia performed at Worldfest 2015  You can see her there this year on September 2, 5pm at
Fountain Stage located at the Belvedere.  

There has to be something to belly dancing if the human race has been practicing the art form for 5,000 years. Believed to be the oldest form of dance, belly dancing primarily consists of isolated movements in the torso and hips, rather than the limbs. As Raqia elegantly puts it, “Belly dance is a connection of body and soul, movement from the heart.” Additionally, she says, the dance helps clear the mind and allows one to let go of stress, creates feelings of empowerment, relaxation, creativity, and increases self esteem and happiness. The mental benefits aren’t the only reward. Physically, the dance increases muscle tone and flexibility, and the low impact of the movements are gentle on the back and joints. “The movements are natural to a woman’s body. Belly dance is for all women, all ages, and all body sizes.”

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